Sports Betting Markets

Sports betting markets refer to the various options you can wager on while using a sportsbook. The markets feature an outcome, along with odds that reflect the probability of the event occurring. When you register at the best betting site in Canada, you’ll find a wide variety of markets, and below are the most popular ones:


In this market, you predict the outright winner of the game. For instance, if it’s a soccer match, you bet on which of the two competing teams will win after 90 minutes. It’s the most straightforward option and the perfect sports betting market if you’re a new bettor.

Moneyline markets are usually presented in American odds with positive and negative values. An example is +100 and -100. The plus sign indicates how much you’ll win with a $100 bet. On the other hand, the minus sign represents how much you need to wager to win $100.

Point Spread

Point spread is a handicap market where you give one team an advantage over another. The online betting site will set the spread, and you’ll wager on whether a particular team will cover the spread. Usually, the stronger team gets the negative handicap, while the weaker team gets the positive.

For instance, if the point spread is -7.5, the team you’re betting on must win by up to 8 goals for you to win. Meanwhile, if it’s +7.5, the team can lose by up to 7 goals, and you’ll still win.


Also known as totals, the over/under market involves predicting if numerical outcomes of sports events will exceed or be less than a set number. Many sports betting fans prefer wagering on totals for major outcomes like goals and total points. Nevertheless, you’ll find more diverse options at the best Canadian online sports betting platforms.

A sports betting site can set the total goals in a football match at 4.5. That means the prediction is for the game to have no more than 4 goals. If you believe the total number of goals will exceed 5, you bet on the over option. But if you predict less than 5, you bet on under.


Futures betting markets allow you to wager on events that’ll take place in weeks or months. Usually, these are outrights, where you bet on the sports team or player that’ll clinch a specific achievement. For instance, at the start of a CEBL season, you can wager on the team you believe will lift the trophy at the end. Also, you can wager on the player that’ll emerge as MVP.

Many Canadian bettors go for the futures markets because they usually feature higher odds than others. Consequently, they can result in increased payouts at the best sports betting site in Canada.

Game Props

With the game props market, you bet on specific outcomes in a sports event that doesn’t directly affect the final result. In a soccer game, for instance, you can bet on the team to score first or the player to receive a card.

Prop bets are relatively popular at online sports betting Canada sites. Also, they feature competitive odds since they’re not as easy to predict.

Sports Betting Markets at Slots City

At Slots City, you’ll find many popular online sports betting markets for different sports. These are the options that Canadian bettors prefer, and we’ve highlighted them below:


Soccer stands as the most popular sport in the world. As a result, Canadian sports betting platforms always feature many markets for soccer events. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Match result (1×2),
  • Over/under goals,
  • Both teams to score (BTTS),
  • Correct score,
  • Asian Handicap.


Hockey betting at Slots City features multiple market options. You can wager on the outright winner, pick line, and over/under. However, period betting is one of the most exclusive options you’ll find at the best betting website. It allows you to predict outcomes of the first, second, or third periods in the game.


The basketball betting option is relatively popular among sport betting Canada fans, considering the fame of the game. With basketball at Slots City, you still get moneyline, point spread, and total like in other sports. But basketball markets are known for supporting many player props, such as the number of rebounds, points, or assists.


Slots City baseball markets allow you to wager on innings and other options. For instance, you can bet on the outcomes of the first five innings and extras. Another notable baseball market is the run line, which is similar to point spreads.

How Betting Odds Work

Online betting odds represent the probability of a particular market outcome occurring. Simply put, high odds represent a probability, while low odds represent a high probability. Sports betting online sites calculate and assign odds based on predictions for each outcome.

Odds also signify your potential win for each bet. If you place a $10 bet on a 2.50 odds at a sport betting Canada site, you can potentially win $25, which is 10 x 2.50. It’s important to note that the best betting site in Canada will feature multiple odd types besides decimals. You can check out the popular formats in the table below, along with their examples:

Odd type


Decimal  3.50 (a $100 bet will return $350)
Fractional  5/2 (a $2 bet will return $5)
American   +250 (a $100 bet will return $250)

-250 (a $250 bet will return $100)

Hong Kong  0.50 (a $100 bet will return $50, stake not included) 

How to Start Betting on Sports with Slots City

If you want to begin online sports betting in Canada at Slots City, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official Slots City website and click «Register».
  2. Complete the sign-up form by providing all necessary details.
  3. Accept the sportsbook’s T&Cs and confirm you’re up to 18.
  4. Access your dashboard and make your first deposit.
  5. Browse through the available sports events and markets to find options to bet on.
  6. Click on the odds for your selected markets to add them to your bet slip.
  7. Enter the amount you want to bet and submit.

After you’ve placed your wager with Canada Sports Betting, you can track your slip to see whether you won from your dashboard.

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