Pre Match Betting

Pre-match betting means betting on sports games and events before they go live. In other words, it is wagering on the listed games when they have yet to begin. Essentially, pre-match betting is the direct opposite of live betting, where bettors get to place wagers on ongoing sports events. Once a sports match or event[...]

Pre-match betting means betting on sports games and events before they go live. In other words, it is wagering on the listed games when they have yet to begin. Essentially, pre-match betting is the direct opposite of live betting, where bettors get to place wagers on ongoing sports events.

Once a sports match or event is listed, bettors can begin placing bets, even with more than a few days till kick-off. Coming to Slots City, there is a lineup of different sports betting markets on which users can place bets ahead of time.

On the other hand, live betting in Slots City allows users to opt in and place wagers on live games when the dynamics become predictable.

Also, with live betting, the odds or lines are constantly shifting, which presents bettors with a truckload of opportunities.

Difference Between Live Betting and Pre Match Betting

As hinted above, live betting and pre-match betting are more like two sides of the same coin. They’re both very sought-after betting options on Slots City and present a unique approach to sports betting.

In pre-match betting, bettors must choose a betting position before the event and stick with it once the game goes live. While in live betting, wagering or betting continues throughout the event until the very end. As we said, there are two sides to the same coin. In summary and for further details, the following index highlights the major differences between live betting and pre-match betting.

Pre match betting 

Live Betting 

Wagering is done before the event goes live Wagering is done during the course of the game 
Odds and lines  are fixed once the game goes live  Odds and lines are constantly shifting throughout the event
Leaves much room for anticipation and decision making  Leaves only little room for anticipation and decision making 

Benefits of Pre Match Betting

Bearing down on pre-match betting, there are a lot of users who stand to gain with the betting option on Slots City. It plays to the user’s advantage in many ways. First, pre-match betting allows much time for in-depth analysis and complete anticipation of games before going in on wagers.

Secondly, pre-match betting presents a good avenue for better risk management. This is because bettors can afford to use strategies like single bets with accumulators, handicaps, etc. These betting metrics, when used correctly, can significantly minimize the risk and losses involved in sports betting.

In addition, pre-match betting odds are often higher on average since bookmakers have enough time to weigh all the factors to set the odds. Overall, pre-match betting is beneficial in some really significant ways.

What Pre-Match Betting Markets Does SlotsCity Offer?

Coming to Slots City, listed are some of the most in-demand betting markets in sports, available to users at all times. These include round-the-clock soccer, basketball, tennis, and many others. The next few paragraphs will highlight the most popular pre-match betting options on Slots City.


Basketball has come to be a top pre-match betting market in Slots City. Owing to its global popularity, fast-paced action, and numerous leagues worldwide, it is an exciting sport to wager on. Also, the overall betting market appeal puts basketball at the forefront of Slots City’s daily pre-match betting results.


Soccer usually needs no introduction. Its massive fanbase, tournaments, and top leagues are hard to miss. Coming to Slot City, soccer’s highly unpredictable nature means it dominates pre-match betting odds and the market in general.


Another standout option in SlotsCity’s pre-match market is tennis betting, which can be just as lucrative as the rest. Featuring individual matchups and grand slam events, tennis provides unique sporting encounters which facilitate low, mid, and high pre-match betting odds.


With Hockey leagues like the NHL attracting global attention, the sport offers some thrilling opportunities for pre-match bets. Also, international hockey games make for a good number of daily betting options on Slots City.

Pre-match Betting Promotions

Of course, pre-match betting comes with all the added incentives and promos on Slots City. Sequel to registration and a first deposit, users get a welcome sign-up bonus in match money. Also, pre-match bettors can enjoy reload bonuses on making any deposit, even before placing bets.

In addition, bettors on Slota City can trigger a free bet bonus feature when fulfilling certain feats. The free bet bonus offers users on Slots City the avenue to open free pre match betting positions with certain terms.

How to Start Betting on Sports with Slots City

Launching your sports betting endeavour on SlotsCity is smoother than ever. Users can now register, get verified, deposit cash, and place bets without much hassle. To that end, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started with betting on Slots City.

  • Search or follow Slots City’s web link to arrive at the website.
  • On the welcome page, select the sports section on the menu grid and proceed to click on the register button at the top.
  • Fill out the registration slides and then sign up.
  • To be eligible for deposits, go to your “Account” tab and proceed to provide the necessary documents to get verified.
  • Make your deposits by selecting the “Cashier’’ tab, then select a payment channel.
  • Get started with placing your bets.

Pre-match Sports Betting Tips

Once registered and verified, users can start placing wagers on Slots City. However, especially for newbies, making your first few pre-match bets can be as confusing as it is enticing. Not to worry, here are a few tips that can get you started anytime;

  • Do your share of research and understand the dynamics of any sports you’re placing pre match bets on.
  • Understand the basics of sports bets, odds, point spread, etc.
  • Utilize bonuses and rewards, as they could give you a head start.
  • Set limits and play with some caution.
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